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Teaching  Experience at  Bangladesh,  British,  Australian,  Saudi Arabian and Malaysian Universities:


                        Total university teaching experience in both undergraduate (Pass and Hons.) and postgraduate level will be of 47 years in 2017: 27 years in British and Australian Universities, 8 years in Saudi Arabian Universities, 7 years in Malaysia and 5 years in Bangladesh Universities. The medium of instruction throughout my student and service career was English.


Courses taught  by me at  Bangladesh,  British,  Australian,  Saudi Arabian and Malaysian Universities*


            (i)         Universities of Dhaka and Chittagong, (Bangladesh) at the Undergraduate Honours level and/or Postgraduate level: Economic Theory, Quantitative Economics, Development Economics, Money and Banking (1961 - 67).


            (ii)        University of Leeds, England at the Undergraduate Honours level: Economic Theory (both Micro and Macro), Mathematical Concepts in Economic Theory, Economic Policy, Industrial Economics (1974 - 76).


            (iii)       University of New South Wales, Canberra campus, Australia, at the Undergraduate (Honours and Pass) and Postgraduate level during different semesters for 22 years (1976-1997)


                        The following were my teaching activities:


                        (a)        1st year level:  (i) taught 'Mathematics for Economists', for six years  (1978 –

                                    83). Took initiative in developing this new course on a sound footing.  With

                                    that end in view, I wrote a Monograph titled "Mathematics for Economists, a

                                    Programmed Course" designed specifically to fit in with the computer-aided

                                    teaching to minimize tutorial hours and labour costs involved. This

                                    monograph is now the basis of this course. **

                                                             (ii) Macro and Microeconomics (1997).


                        (b)        2nd year Pass & Hons. level:  taught and developed the following courses:

                                    (i)         Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and Policy for 6 years (1976 - 82)

                                    (ii)        Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy for 9 years (1976 - 84)

                                    (iii)       International Trade, Money and Finance for 14 years (1976 to 1997)


                        (c)        3rd year Pass & Hons. level:  taught and developed the following courses:


                                    (i)         Advanced Economic Theory and Policy (1992 - 93)

                                    (ii)        International Money and Finance for 8 years (1990 to 1997)

                                    (iii)       Australian Economic Policy Issues for 3 years (1981 - 83)

                                    (iv)       Development Economics for 12 years (1981 to 1997)

                                    (v)        Economies of East Asia and the Pacific for 2 years (a new course initiated and developed by me ten years ago) (1987 - 88)


(d)               3rd year and 4th year (Honours) only: initiated, developed and taught following new courses:

Applied Econometrics for 18 years (1979 to 1997 for 4th year Honours and 1987 to

1997 for 3rd year Honours)


                        (e)        M.A. level: initiated, taught and developed the following new courses:


(i)                 Econometric Forecasting for 7 years (1988 to 1997)

(ii)               Applied Statistics for 6 years (1990 to 1997)


(f)    Initiating Distance Education in Applied Statistics (Post-Graduate) in 1997. This  involved the use of the latest Internet technologies to provide on-line tutorials, lecture materials published on the World Wide Web  and Multi-Media conferencing capabilities for remote users.


            (iv)Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia (1997-2001):


                                     (a)Investment Finance and Financial Econometrics (Masters and 4th year Honours since 1998)


                                    (b)In addition, on and from semester 1, 1999, I started teaching a research-   oriented and information-technology-oriented “econometric research methodology” course (Masters and 4th year Honours level) in which six Graduate students and nine Faculty members started attending.


(v)Australian National University, Canberra, Australia  ( 2000 -2003) (August)


On and from 2000, I am an invited lecturer in charge of "International Finance" Unit (a  full unit on Multinational Financial Management and Financial Risk Management for their  "Master of Financial Management" degree).


(vi)King Fahd University of Petroleum  & Minerals, Saudi Arabia ( 2001-2010 ):


(a) International Finance and Trade, Financial Management, Engineering Economics, and Macroeconomics (Undergraduate Final Year level)


(b) Corporate Finance, and Managerial Economics (MBA level)


(c) Macro Environment for Business (Executive MBA level)


(d) A weekly three-hour IT-intensive hands-on research workshop given to the Faculty at the College of Industrial Management on “Recent and Ongoing Advances in Econometric Methodology for Applied Research”.


(vii) Global University of  Islamic Finance (INCEIF), Malaysia (2010 -   ):


                         Ph.D. and Masters level


(a)    Research Methodology in Finance and Economics


(b)   Financial Econometrics

                                 (c)    Advanced Econometrics



* A teaching portfolio in further detail is available on demand.


** The monograph consists of seven chapters covering about 350 typed-pages.  Each of the chapters takes the following form: (A) Instructions: (i) The concepts explained with the help of diagrams; (ii) Worked-out examples; (iii) Summing up; (iv) Exercise questions. (B) Solutions, in detail, to previous week's exercise questions which are based on application of maths to economic theory (both Micro and Macro).


Recent and Current teaching activities at B.A. (Pass & Hons.), M.A., MBA, Executive MBA and Ph.D.level:


            Financial Management, International Finance & Trade, Engineering Economics (3rd and 4th year level); Applied Econometrics,  Macroeconomics, Development Economics, and Economies of Asia and the Pacific (3rd year level); Advanced Econometrics, International Money and Finance,  Investments, and Financial Econometrics (4th year Hons and Masters level); Applied Statistics, Econometric Forecasting, Multinational Financial Management and Financial Risk Management (M.A. level); Financial Management, and Managerial Economics (MBA level);  and  Macro Environment for Business (Executive MBA level); Research Methodology in Finance and Economics, Financial Econometrics, and Advanced Econometrics (Ph.D. and Masters level).


Nominated by the School of Finance & Business Economics (Edith Cowan University, Australia) 1999, for the Australian National Award for Excellence in Teaching.


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