Mansur Masih
Professor of Finance and Econometrics

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Dr A Mansur M Masih

Professor of Finance and Econometrics

Teaching Experience:

  • UK and Australia 27 Years (1974 - 2001)
  • Saudi Arabia 8 Years (2001 - 2010)
  • Malaysia 7 years (Since 2010)
The Global University of Islamic Finance
Lorong University A (off Jalan University)
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+ 60 3 7651 4186 (Work)
+ 60 3 7651 4110 (Fax)


Mansur's Career, Teaching and Research Experiences at a Glance
(including international professional awards):

Dr. Mansur Masih is currently ‘Professor of Finance and Econometrics’ at INCEIF, the Global University of Islamic Finance, Malaysia. He obtained a Ph.D. (in ‘Applied Financial Econometrics’) from Leeds University preceded by a Masters in Economics from Manchester University. Prior to joining INCEIF in July 2010, he held the ‘Chair Professorship of Finance’ at the National University Malaysia and Northern University Malaysia, and also, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia where he taught for 8 years. Before that he also taught at the Australian (New South Wales and Edith Cowan) and British (Leeds) Universities for a total of 27 years. During all these years he taught courses in three disciplines: Finance, Economics, and Applied Econometrics/Statistics at all levels including the MBA and Executive MBA levels.

He used to give an IT-intensive hands-on research workshop regularly to the Business Faculty at the Australian, Saudi Arabian and Malaysian Universities on “Recent and ongoing advances in econometric methodology for applied research”. Mentoring the junior faculty and leading a collaborative research team consisting of the faculty and Graduate research students are his major contributions.

He has held Visiting Appointments with the Universities of Pennsylvania, Oxford, Rhode Island, Australian National, and Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Thailand Development Research Institute, and Malaysian Institute of Economic Research. Also, funded by Special Competitive Annual Research Grants of the University of New South Wales, Australia (where he taught for long 22 years) he made a number of field trips almost annually for twenty years to most South-East Asian and South Asian countries, as well as Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Japan.

His research publications: 138 refereed “applied” papers published/accepted (of which 127 papers are in European/American international scholarly refereed journals). On the econometric testing of issues in finance/economics, during the last five years (2018-2014), he has had 55 papers published/accepted in mostly top-tier ISI/Elsevier journals ( on top of 5 papers currently under revision and 26 working papers completed). A total of 107 published papers so far are in either ISI or the top four publishers’ journals. A small recent sample: Physica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications, J. of international money and finance,  J. of financial research, J. of economic behavior & organization, Emerging markets review, J. of international Fin. markets, institution & money, J. of policy modeling,  Economic modelling,  Energy economics, J. of population economics. Some of these journals are ranked within the top ten finance journals in the world.

His national and international research rankings: REPEC country rank 1 (top authors by country, Malaysia) and REPEC Global rank 11 (top authors by field, South East Asia),  Research Gate score (above 92.5% of global researchers’ scores) (with total current ‘Reads’ being 43,153 running at a rate of around 1000 ‘Reads’ every month). Based on Citations 5,305 (Googles) so far, his Global rank is number 1 in ‘Applied Financial Econometrics’,  number 1 in ‘Islamic Banking and Finance’,  and number 3 in ‘Islamic Finance’.

His conference papers,  editorial board membership and Ph.D./Master supervision:  presented 149 refereed papers at International conferences. He sits on the editorial/advisory board of 8 international refereed journals including top-tier ISI/SSCI Journals’ ‘subject editorship’ of Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money and Emerging Markets Finance and Trade.  Also, acts as an editorial referee to 16 international scholarly refereed journals.    He supervised 18 Ph.D. theses and 4 Master theses so far.

His research excellence is reflected in the following international  professional  recognitions/awards

  • Holder of   “ Saudi Aramco Chair Professor  of  Energy Economics”, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia (2005 – 2008);

  • Holder of  “Bumiputra Commerce Bank Chair Professor of Finance and Banking”, Northern University of Malaysia (2005 -2007) (June-August);

  • Holder of Tun Ismail Ali Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance and Investment”, National University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 2004 (June-  August);

  • “Keynote Speaker” at the Bi-annual International Business and Economics Conference, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Terengganu, Malaysia, October 2012;

  • “Keynote Speaker” at the International Workshop of the Center of Research Excellence in Renewable Energy, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia, May 2007;

  • “Keynote Speaker” at the Asia-Pacific Economics and Business Bi-annual International Conference, Penang, Malaysia, October 2004 ;  

  • “Keynote Speaker” at the Malaysian Annual Finance Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April, 2003;  

  • the ‘best paper’ award in Asia-Pacific finance conference (Bangkok, 2001); 

  • the ‘best paper’ prize in  Global finance conference sponsored by Chicago stock exchange (Chicago,2000);  

  • the ‘best paper’ prize in PACAP/FMA finance conference sponsored by Kuala Lumpur stock exchange (Kuala Lumpur, 1998); 

  • the ‘best researcher’ of the faculty of business award (Edith Cowan University, Western Australia),1998;  

  • and the recipient of six international ANBAR awards for most cited papers in 2001, 2000,1999, 1997.

  • recipient of the ‘best paper’ prize awarded by the Malaysian Finance Association every year during (2012 -2017).



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